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Your Happy Place

A beautiful home ought to be a sanctuary for comfort, peace, warmth, rest, and joy… and a jumping off point for all your adventures.

Hi, My name is Loretta.

I’m a simple woman–a wife, a mother, a grandmother. I have been creating and recreating my sanctuary for the last 40 years. This passion of mine to build beautiful spaces has led family and friends to seek my help with their own decorating projects.

Now I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you overcome your fears and bring life to your vision.

My specialty is updating your outdated look with a modern-traditional style and clean-line esthetic. I like to work hand-in-hand with my clients, shopping at stores, rearranging furniture, and advising you on what to keep and what to let go of.
I invite you to read some of my testimonials, view my gallery, and call me when you are ready to find your happy place.

Let’s get started!

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